On Location, Cape Town 2020.

My first job in the industry was on Capitol Hill, as a TV News cameraman’s assistant during the Bill Clinton Impeachment of 1998. I once sat outside the Watergate Hotel waiting for Monica Lewinski for 24 hours (She never showed up). It was during this period that I was also offered a role on the behind-the-scenes team of Tony Scott’s; Enemy Of The State. My career path was set. With experience as a floor manager on BBC TV shows, such as Top Gear, today I am a freelance producer of TV commercials and short films around the globe. 

Although currently based in London, I hold dual nationality for the USA and the UK, and spend time working in both markets. I've been fortunate to experience producing work in some interesting places, like the Mongolian Grasslands, Kennedy Space Centre on Cape Canaveral, Dubai, inside the Arctic Circle in Finland, Tbilisi in Georgia, Ukraine and various countries in southern Africa.

Oh, and here's that Enemy Of The State  BTS film: (1998)